Friends of New Troy

Building a community, one neighbor at a time.

New Troy- The Center of the World

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New Troy was home to one of Berrien County's first accredited high schools. In 1930, the town bustled with a a farm market, department store, hotel, dance hall, gas station, and other businesses. Yet by 2006, New Troy was a dying town, the high school demolished, the elementary school abandoned. Community pride was a thing of the past, and it showed. Then a grassroots group formed. Their vision: the rebirth of their community. Calling themselves Friends of New Troy, they secured a mortgage on the school property. The results of their efforts is the New Troy Community Center and adjacent Weesaw Township Park. Today, pride is returning to the tittle town that could. This is the story of a town that refused to die.

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Directed by Justin Olmstead A Weesaw Historical Society Presentation ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE NEW TROY COMMUNITY CENTER; A NON-PROFIT 501 (C) 3 ORGANIZATION