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Videos on Demand

 A snapshot of New Troy in 1871, the year of the Chicago Fire, and how one man gave New Troy its claim to fame.


Listen to the narration of a young bride's first years in New Troy.  A wagon trip from Ohio to Galien. Earl Reed's discovery of the “Back Country”.  

And of course the story of the sage of New Troy, Hosea Terrell.

When Ambrose Morley built a grist mill on the bank of the Galien River in 1866, the endeavor kick-started New Troy's development. The town soon grew from a sleepy backwater into a thriving center of commercial activity. 


Here is the story of the mill -- the man who built it, the people who worked in it, and the townspeople who patronized it -- until the day it closed its doors in 1987. 


With special thanks to Brett Riggins of Ninth Street Bridge, for permission to use the song, Fish are Bitin', which he wrote about the town of New Troy. 

This video compiles photos and home video footage of the1952 train wreck in Sawyer, Michigan. Produced by Terry Hanover of New Troy, Michigan, in collaboration with the member of the Weesaw Historical Society. 


With special thanks to: 

Jay Vitek for inspiring the project

The Vitek family for their original 8mm filks

Wendy Foster for photos