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Welcome to the New Troy Community Center

The New Troy Community Center is run by the community, for the community, and is supported entirely through memberships, donations, fundraisers, and rentals. It receives no government funding.



Stop in and you might join a pickleball game, take a yoga class, bring your pre-schooler to Story Hour, buy or borrow a book, search for treasures at a flea market, or visit an artist’s studio. Our grounds provide a popular sledding hill, playground, demonstration rain garden, nature trail and outdoor classroom. Wedding vows are exchanged in our gazebo. Milestone events are celebrated in our Community Room.


How did all this come to be? In 2005 a group of residents took a giant leap of faith and organized a fundraiser. The goal was to buy the property formerly occupied by the New Troy School. The town’s sense of community had been lost when the school closed and we wanted it back.


The support has been awesome. Our membership swelled as more and more people committed to the vision and worked to make it happen. We’ve held many fundraisers and will hold many more.


We’re proud to say, in 2018 we paid off the mortgage. Fundraising will go on, because improvements still need to be made, programs and classes still need to be developed, and the building and property still need to be maintained.


Today, the center is alive with activity. Neighbors are meeting neighbors. Old friendships are being renewed and new friendships are being formed. If you haven’t joined us yet, come see what you’ve been missing.


Sound Bath to Kick Off New Troy Community Center Bathrooms Renovation! 

If Friends of New Troy (FoNT) members are as successful in their new fundraising venture as they were in paying off the mortgage on the New Troy Community Center, the Center will soon boast upgraded, attractive and much more functional bathrooms.

After 14 years of events, fundraisers, donations, and rental/membership fees, FONT recently paid off the $240,000 mortgage on the former school. Now, members say, it’s time to improve the facility — starting with the bathrooms.

Anyone who’s visited the Center knows improvements are badly needed. Built for elementary students in 1952, the bathrooms feature tiny toilets and low, trough-style sinks. Lighting is poor and the ceilings are deteriorating.

Quotes obtained from local contractors and suppliers indicate the cost to replace toilets, sinks, lighting, and ceilings in the four bathrooms will be more than $46,000. Infant changing stations and handicapped-accessible stalls are included in the plans.

To make the dream a reality, FONT is pursuing grants and planning fundraisers.

Well known Skybird Yoga instructor, Elizabeth Nuti, who offers monthly Sound Baths and teaches group yoga classes 5 days a week in the Center, has generously volunteered to kick off the campaign with one of her signature Sound Bath and Breath Sessions, with all proceeds being donated to the Bathrooms Renovation Fund.

A Sound Bath is a healing experience that utilizes instruments such as crystal bowls, gongs, bells, and drums. Sound baths are a great way to get "in tune" with yourself and are becoming increasingly popular for stress relief.

The session begins with each person lying down on a comfortable mat with an eye pillow. Elizabeth will lead you through a 30-minute breath session, with the remainder of the experience filled with a unique variety of live frequencies and sounds designed to promote relaxation, personal inquiry, and healing.

The Sound Bath will be held on Saturday, October 19 in the Center’s gymnasium. Doors will open at 4:30 p.m., with the session beginning at 5:00 sharp. Wear comfortable clothing and bring something comfortable on which to lie, such as a yoga mat or camping pad, a blanket, pillow if you like, and a water bottle.

Space is limited. To ensure admittance, please register at Payment (cash, check, Zelle or Venmo) will be accepted at the beginning of the session. Suggested donation: $25.00.

For more information about Skybird Yoga’s Sound Baths, yoga classes and special events, or to schedule a private group session, women’s retreats please go to or contact Elizabeth at

Be sure to sign up for her free monthly newsletter to stay up to date with the current yoga class schedule, upcoming Sound Baths, and Live Transformational Events

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