In 2005, New Troy was a dying town. The high school had been demolished, and the elementary building sat empty. Then a handful of residents formed Friends of New Troy (FONT).

Our vision was the rebirth of our community. Since then, FONT members have repeatedly proven their commitment to the community at large, their steadfastness in holding to a dream, and their unfailing belief in the strength of people working together. Many said it couldn’t be done, yet in 2006 FONT raised $24,000 for the deposit on what has since become the New Troy Community Center and (now separate) Township Park. Since then, FONT has raised more than $100,000 for mortgage and interest payments, repairs, improvements, and utilities.

The Community Center receives NO government funding. It is supported entirely through memberships, donations, and fund-raising events. In a town of 400-odd people, this is a remarkable achievement.

13372 California Rd

New Troy, Michigan 49119


Phone: (269) 426-3909



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Monday-Saturday: 10am-12pm

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